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These posts have slides or information presented at conferences or any other place which was willing to let me speak about these topics to an audience.

The Seven DevOps Sins

As the technology industry continues to learn more about how DevOps can improve workplace culture, improve delivery capability, and generally benefit entire organizations, the gaps that can happen when transitioning to a DevOps mindset are still there. It is possible to make these issues visible and overcome them. When you start to hear things like the below statements, it’s time to do something more:

  • “Let’s Rebrand the Ops Team!”
  • “DevOps is going to save us money!”
  • “We need our whole organization to do DevOps!”
  • “DevOps and ITIL are incompatible!”
  • “DevOps sells itself!”
  • “We don’t need to involve team X!”
  • “Everything is going to get better right away!”

Quickly Extending into Testing with Docker

DevOps practitioners must get feedback from quality assurance and security testing as early in the development pipeline as possible. When continuously building and deploying web application projects, being able to run a test and get output on it within minutes is a super power skill that gets teams ahead of potential problems. In this workshop, be prepared to use Docker to run multiple tests on your websites, learn about what the different tests are used for, and then become familiar with the output to interpret them for actionable feedback. We will analyze the following testing capabilities.

  • Performance
  • Security
  • SEO
  • Accessibility

Destroying DevOps Culture Anti-Patterns

I have had the opportunity to present this topic any many conferences this year and feel it is a critical topic for teams trying to make progress in their DevOps journey. Please feel free to continue the discussion with me on twitter @tomcudd.

Are You Really Using Kanban or Just Making a List of Issues?

This talk continues to be one of my favorites to give and I just keep getting the chance to present it. I will continue to submit it because it’s just a fun one. The Slides have been uploaded to SlideShare and my notes are mostly included here.

Nebraska.Code() Extended Explanation of Caching

Thanks for everyone attending the Nebraska.Code() Conference. After the jump, check out a previous version of my slides and some notes on the topic I collected. I’ll likely be updating the slides a bit more soon, and will post when that happens on twitter.

LAKC17 DevOps Journey with the Company Intranet

Thanks to the crew at Lean Agile KC for putting together an exceptional LAKC17 this year. I really enjoyed the interaction with everyone curious about operations practices at VML. It was a pleasure sharing how we fixed our DevOps Culture Anti-patterns by learning on our internal portal. And taking a bit of time to go over some additional learning and practices in an Open Sessions was awesome. Thanks to everyone who continued the discussion. See below for the SlideShare and my notes with some of the things I spoke about not directly in the slides.

Dev Up St. Louis – Troubleshooting Production and Incident Response

What a great group of attendees along with the organizers just knocking it out of the park at this year’s dev up Conference. I’ve got the slides embedded after the jump and below that have a few notes about things I discussed not on the slides. Please feel free to reach out to me on twitter if you have any questions or just want to talk about these topics further.

Dev Up St. Louis – Extended Caching Explanation

Much thanks to the attendees, and especially thanks to the great organizers of this year’s dev up Conference. I’ve embedded the slides after the jump and included some of my notes about the topics I discussed during the talk. If anyone has any questions, I’m happy to start up conversations on twitter.

Prairie.Code() Extended Explanation of Caching

Thanks to Amegala for wrapping another great day of breakout sessions. I’ve embedded my slides on caching for anyone who needed to follow up on my talk. Feel free to reach out to me on twitter with any questions.

Prairie.Code() Software Development for Configurations Session

Thanks for all those who attended my breakout session “Apply Software Development Practice to Application Configuration”. And many thanks again to Amegala. The details and examples in this talk can be found on my original post here:

If you have questions or want to continue the conversation, please follow me on Twitter.

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