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These posts have slides or information presented at conferences or any other place which was willing to let me speak about these topics to an audience.

Dev Up St. Louis – Extended Caching Explanation

Much thanks to the attendees, and especially thanks to the great organizers of this year’s dev up Conference. I’ve embedded the slides after the jump and included some of my notes about the topics I discussed during the talk. If anyone has any questions, I’m happy to start up conversations on twitter.

Prairie.Code() Extended Explanation of Caching

Thanks to Amegala for wrapping another great day of breakout sessions. I’ve embedded my slides on caching for anyone who needed to follow up on my talk. Feel free to reach out to me on twitter with any questions.

Prairie.Code() Software Development for Configurations Session

Thanks for all those who attended my breakout session “Apply Software Development Practice to Application Configuration”. And many thanks again to Amegala. The details and examples in this talk can be found on my original post here:

If you have questions or want to continue the conversation, please follow me on Twitter.

Prairie.Code() Kanban Workshop and Breakout Session

Thanks again to the whole Amegala crew for putting together a great day of workshops and breakout sessions. I wanted to make sure to get my notes and the slides up tonight in case anyone is wanting to read up a bit more on Kanban this week. Also included are the links to the workshop exercises and a couple other ones I have looked at in the past.

LaunchCode Kanban Workshop

Thanks to all the LaunchCoders who came out to the event at Lifted Spirits this evening. Make sure to check out futureĀ  events for the Kansas City area at I wanted to make sure to get my notes and the slides up tonight in case anyone is wanting to read up a bit more on Kanban. Click on “Continue reading” below to check out the slide deck.

Apply Software Development Practice to Application Configuration

Ops teams should always strive towards implementing the best application configuration strategy and infrastructure as code solution that will work best for each scenario. However, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and other similar products may not be the right solution for every project and team. Depending on the DevOps maturity of the team, flexible delivery capabilities needed, feature plugin issues, or off-release work cycles, building a custom solution could be the steps needed get a team from manually editing configurations in production to a fully automated continuous integration pipeline. We want to avoid the scenario where “when you’ve got a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”.

Detroit.Code() information

I’ll be posting some notes, slides, and additional information here after I’ve completed my talks at Detroit.Code() this week. Thanks to the whole Amegala crew at

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