Production Support turns to Site Reliability Engineering

This week I have talked about a couple of books that have impacted my work and career. Please go back and read the following posts about two that have shaped me into the engineer and manager that I am today:

The book that really gave a gut punch to my specific day to day capabilities was Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems

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Good Financials at Home Help at Work

A common question here in the United States when meeting new people is “What do you do?” There’s a comfortable familiarity people in America have with asking what others jobs are as they are often very intertwined around our identities. In other parts of the world, like the UK or the Netherlands, asking what someone’s job is can be considered quite rude, and not a proper conversation starter to get to know someone. But here, we pour so much of our heart and soul into work and unfortunately tying that to status, our paycheck, and the stuff we can buy with it. But one book helped wrangle those ideals in an unexpected way which changed my outlook on what a job meant to me and my family.

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The Phoenix Project and Other World Changers

This week I am going over a few resources that I have run across that have shaped, changed, or completely rocked my career in technology. Today I want to start with the book that started my current career arc in a way that led to some of the best outcomes like working a sane number of hours per week, dealing with fewer panicky late night issues, and having an overall increase in career and personal wellness. I know that is a lot to put on just one book, but it was so impacting in a way that made me realize that I should not just keep doing my job the same way “because that’s the way we’ve always done it”.

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Dev Up St. Louis – Troubleshooting Production and Incident Response

What a great group of attendees along with the organizers just knocking it out of the park at this year’s dev up Conference. I’ve got the slides embedded after the jump and below that have a few notes about things I discussed not on the slides. Please feel free to reach out to me on twitter if you have any questions or just want to talk about these topics further.

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Chaos is the Only Hope Against Ohio State

As underdogs at home by 24 points, the Huskers are unlikely to put up a fight against the Buckeyes. I could end this post there, but for some bizarre, unknown reason, I will continue. The only hope for the Huskers is in pure college football chaos. Turnovers, lucky bounces, and a few breakout players are necessary to prevent a blowout, so what would it take for Nebraska to somehow beat Ohio State?

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Wisconsin Clear Favorite on Paper and Film

Depending on where you look for the odds, the Badgers are between a 10 and 12 point favorite over the Huskers this weekend. Looking at the results of their 4-0 start shows an offensive efficiency that will be difficult to stop. And the defense is ruthless in its pressure. The combination of speed and aggressiveness in the defensive backfield is forcing turnovers and putting the offense in a position to win. And in addition to the eye test, then come the numbers.

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Prairie.Code() Software Development for Configurations Session

Thanks for all those who attended my breakout session “Apply Software Development Practice to Application Configuration”. And many thanks again to Amegala. The details and examples in this talk can be found on my original post here:

If you have questions or want to continue the conversation, please follow me on Twitter.

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Prairie.Code() Kanban Workshop and Breakout Session

Thanks again to the whole Amegala crew for putting together a great day of workshops and breakout sessions. I wanted to make sure to get my notes and the slides up tonight in case anyone is wanting to read up a bit more on Kanban this week. Also included are the links to the workshop exercises and a couple other ones I have looked at in the past.

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