Prairie.Code() Kanban Workshop and Breakout Session

Thanks again to the whole Amegala crew for putting together a great day of workshops and breakout sessions. I wanted to make sure to get my notes and the slides up tonight in case anyone is wanting to read up a bit more on Kanban this week. Also included are the links to the workshop exercises and a couple other ones I have looked at in the past.


Talk Notes with Details

My sources of information are found below, but if you’d like my full notes that include some of the facts and figures, they can be found on my original post for this talk here:

Are You Really Using Kanban?

Kanban Games from Workshop

  • Agile42 Kanban Pizza Game – Includes instructions and PDFs for kicking off what to do.
  • The Dot Game – Go to page for PDF download of instructions of the game.
  • – This is the big training board game that is really helpful for learning and understanding about Kanban.

Additional Kanban Exercises

Helpful Books

  • The Phoenix Project – this is the book that initially kicked off the original Kanban processes that our team started using to stop fighting fires and start solving problems.
  • The DevOps Handbook
  • Lean Enterprise – this is the one that pushed me to create this deck and presentation. It really changed my worldview on how to start making my team more efficient.
  • Continuous Delivery