The Seven DevOps Sins

As the technology industry continues to learn more about how DevOps can improve workplace culture, improve delivery capability, and generally benefit entire organizations, the gaps that can happen when transitioning to a DevOps mindset are still there. It is possible to make these issues visible and overcome them. When you start to hear things like the below statements, it’s time to do something more:

  • “Let’s Rebrand the Ops Team!”
  • “DevOps is going to save us money!”
  • “We need our whole organization to do DevOps!”
  • “DevOps and ITIL are incompatible!”
  • “DevOps sells itself!”
  • “We don’t need to involve team X!”
  • “Everything is going to get better right away!”

At KCDC 2021, I walked through the following presentation.


Afterwards, I threw together a Twitter thread of the content that shaped my talk here: