Tristan Gebbia Transfer Just Proves Transfer Rules Are Dumb

So you’ve made it out of fall camp, and you’re not named the starter? What do you do? You transfer to somewhere that could use a quarterback like you next year! But make sure to do it fast enough so that you’ll actually be able to take advantage of the arcane collegiate rules system. While coaches may not intentionally be making life difficult for players wanting to see the field at all costs, the window for transferring is only open until the 12 day of an academic calendar. I’m sure there have been reasons for this number, but essentially it’s an arbitrary date.

In the non-sports real world, someone early in there career usually has one of two mindsets:

  • I’ll take the same job at half the pay if I actually get to do what I love
  • I’ll shovel manure just to walk the same halls as these incredible peers

There are certainly areas of grey, but if you enjoy being on the field in the height of competition, you would do anything to get back to that place.

Tristan Gebbia is no different. I can only assume he is a young man so excited to play at this level, that the thought of even 1 or 2 years mostly watching the games from the sidelines must seem an eternity of punishment. It is hard to fault anyone this early in their career or life for trying to do whatever they can to see the field. It’s a risk/reward equation, and playing the “what if” game when you lack much of the control doesn’t work well. So now is the time to do it, for there won’t be other moments like this.