How I Set Up a CentOS 7 Virtual Machine

Most of the things I learn on Linux, I’ve learned to play around with as virtual machines on my Windows Desktop. I’m putting this here for me to remember my steps in the future, but in case anyone else finds this helpful, yay, internet!

First of all, I’m a fan of VMware Workstation Player. Their website says: “The free version is available for non-commercial, personal and home use.” When you do pay for it (once you start making money or are working somewhere that you need it), it’s only $149.99 (as of 8/22/2019 when I checked)

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Quickly Extending into Testing with Docker

DevOps practitioners must get feedback from quality assurance and security testing as early in the development pipeline as possible. When continuously building and deploying web application projects, being able to run a test and get output on it within minutes is a super power skill that gets teams ahead of potential problems. In this workshop, be prepared to use Docker to run multiple tests on your websites, learn about what the different tests are used for, and then become familiar with the output to interpret them for actionable feedback. We will analyze the following testing capabilities.

  • Performance
  • Security
  • SEO
  • Accessibility

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Build a DevOps Culture Without Any Money, Talent, or Resources

Organizations that have built a positive DevOps culture have transformed as part of a continuous and ongoing journey. The members of the organization should have a noticeable difference in how they behave presently versus how they behaved in the past. If the ultimate goal is to change the way the entire organization functions and operates, that means two things: changing the way everyone in the organization thinks about how they work and changing the way people behave.

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Tristan Gebbia Transfer Just Proves Transfer Rules Are Dumb

So you’ve made it out of fall camp, and you’re not named the starter? What do you do? You transfer to somewhere that could use a quarterback like you next year! But make sure to do it fast enough so that you’ll actually be able to take advantage of the arcane collegiate rules system. While coaches may not intentionally be making life difficult for players wanting to see the field at all costs, the window for transferring is only open until the 12 day of an academic calendar. I’m sure there have been reasons for this number, but essentially it’s an arbitrary date.

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DevOps Culture Anti-pattern: Manual Processes

Automation is the force multiplier that makes a DevOps effort so powerful. While it requires the technical skill and know-how to create frameworks for automating processes in an organization, an automation-first mindset is not easy to start out with. The rest of the DevOps anti-patterns are all about different modes of thinking and this one is no different.

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DevOps Culture Anti-pattern: Information Hoarding

All of the previous cultural pitfalls I discussed have been focused on systemic issues with organizations, teams, or groups of people. This is truly the one that requires individual effort to defeat. Even I have to be intentional about sharing what I know that would make others on my team have the same successes. This differs from the Tribal Knowledge Anti-pattern in that organizations create and force single threaded resources. This forces people to “stay in their lane” which creates hard boundaries in what people know how to work on. Information hoarding usually comes from an individual place of fear and insecurity.

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