Nebraska Celebrates Loss to Oregon with Riley Extension

Head Coach Mike Riley signed a new 1-year extension last month to push his current deal out to 2020. And University President Hank Bounds indicated there would be further contract extension discussion at the end of the season. It is important for recruiting efforts to show that the University is committed to the coaching staff in place. However, the timing on the announcement of this particular contract extension is particularly puzzling. It seems strange to have not waited a week or two for a couple of potential wins on the schedule.

Other takes on the contract talk:

  • Cornnation’s take on the extension – Head Coaches do use negative recruiting to their advantage. Teams use contract length as a method to cast doubt on a recruit choice for particular schools.
  • Land of 10 lists some bonuses – Notable bonuses for Riley includes $300,000 for a Big Ten Championship and $650,000 for a National Championship.
  • SBNation says it is just business – The business of college football is a peculiar one, and to outsides, paying coaches not to coach (if they are fired), is just part of the modern coaching game. It’s a signal that the Huskers are willing to play the same game that the rest of the top tier programs already do.