Depending on where you look for the odds, the Badgers are between a 10 and 12 point favorite over the Huskers this weekend. Looking at the results of their 4-0 start shows an offensive efficiency that will be difficult to stop. And the defense is ruthless in its pressure. The combination of speed and aggressiveness in the defensive backfield is forcing turnovers and putting the offense in a position to win. And in addition to the eye test, then come the numbers.

No single significant stat line favors the Huskers. Staring intently at the NCAA stats page makes it look even more problematic the more time spent there. Based purely on these figures, this could not look like a worse match up for the Huskers. A Wisconsin offense designed to run and control the ball against a Husker defense intent on stopping mostly the big plays means long, tiring drives. When the tables are flipped to compare the Husker offense and Badger defense, it does not look any better.

The Badgers ball-hawking looks like an impending disaster for Husker QB Tanner Lee. The pressure up front combined with the awareness from the backs are concerning for those who were hoping the progress last week might continue for more than one game. It will be difficult to see how the Huskers get out of this game without giving the ball up at least once.

There seems to be only one major figure helping out the Huskers in this case. Nebraska has not lost a night game at home in the last 20 tries. But this Wisconsin team plays four quarter, is relentless, and is well suited to beat Nebraska. This may be arguably one of the weakest products the Huskers have fielded in years. Looking at it logically, Badgers run away with this one 40-20. But it is college football where Team Chaos reigns. So if the Huskers put up a fight in the first half, stay tuned into the game until the end.