Predicting a Winnable Rutgers Game

Of all the games left on the 2017 schedule, this looks like the last game the Huskers would be a double digit favorite heading into Saturday. The turmoil of the last eight days is likely to wear on the team. It would be a surprise to me if Nebraska came out as anything but flat to start with.

The line is hovering between 11 and 13 depending on where you look. A two score favorite seems like a stretch right now, but it goes to show how badly the perception of Rutgers is. And the Scarlet Knights are not without their own troubling loss this season as they let the game against Eastern Michigan slip away a few weeks ago. This game might decide who fights to sit on the bottom of the Big Ten rankings by the end of the season.

If Nebraska Quarterback Tanner Lee can stay upright, they can avoid some costly interceptions. Based on the offensive line play so far this season, it seems unlikely he is not pressured regularly throughout this game. For Lee to get through only throwing 1 or 2 interceptions would almost be a win, and if the interceptions do not lead to points, then a win would be in line with the current spread.

So counting on only 1 pick-6 or long interception return, I would venture a guess that this game ends up around 27-24 Huskers coming out with the win. This is a team facing down one of the lowest points in recent Nebraska football history, but turmoil within firings of athletic staff seems to be a more regular occurrence over the last 15 years. While the fans may be more accustomed to it, the players are always going to be new to this kind of situation, and it is difficult to see how they will react.